GENESIS Integrated Combat Management System has been initiated to enhance warfare capabilities of Turkish Navy's G Class Frigates. In this eight-ship modernization project, YALTES, as subcontractor, provides below-mentioned system hardware and also takes part in Combat Management System software development activities.

Project GENESIS, has been put into effect by SSM, as HAVELSAN being the main contractor, on 26 November 2004.

YALTES, as being the major sub-contractor in the project, has already realized design and production of the following sub-system hardware.

  • * Multi-purpose Operator Consoles (OPCON) and Inter Console Units (ICU)
  • * Detached Type Link Consoles (LINKCON)
  • * System Adaptation and Integration Units (SAU and SIU)
  • * Combat System Data Network (CSDN)
  • * Combat System Video Network (CSVN)

As part of the Combat Management System Software Development Activities, YALTES has been dealing with development of software on the following function areas.

  • * Track Management Function Development for Multi-Link Upgrade
  • * Simulator Development
  • * Command Control Analysing Tool Development


Current Status of the Project: Warranty phase for the 7th and 8th ship; Acceptance Tests of the Link Consoles for the 1st - 4th ships; are going on.

Project Manager: Buğra Ünalmış