Our Integrated Management System Policy

YALTES, by providing the necessary resources in line with the elements listed below; It commits to the documentation of quality, risk, environment, occupational health and safety management systems and its continuous improvement by setting targets


YALTES aims to be the number one solution partner of its domestic main contractors within the scope of Integrated Platform Control and Monitoring, Combat Management System solutions and Integrated Logistics Support services, and to add new areas of expertise by producing Mission Systems solutions for surface platforms in the export field.


YALTES aims to be open to innovations in the form of research and use of new cost-reducing methods in engineering, research and development in order to increase its competitive approach.
YALTES aims to spread our focus on sustainability and security to our entire value chain and processes with a risk and opportunity perspective.

People and Environmental Focus

YALTES has created an environment that supports leadership, diverse thinking and customer-oriented work environment that enables teamwork and success for well-trained, qualified manpower who is aware of their responsibilities.

YALTES takes measures in accordance with the legal regulations in force regarding the environment, occupational health and safety, In order to ensure the health and safety of YALTES employees, visitors and personnel working in common areas and in order to minimize the effects on the environment and to prevent environmental pollution. YALTES aims to prevent the occurrence of work accidents and occupational hazards. It shares the policies and objectives of environmental, occupational health and safety management systems with its own employees and with other interested parties, and ensures that it is adopted as a philosophy of life and provides trainings that develop according to needs.

General Manager

YALTES is committed to grow in the domestic and export field, to be open to innovations in order to be competitive in parallel, and to maintain its human and environment-oriented approach.

Customer Satisfaction

One Team,

Skilled Manpower

Awareness of Responsibility,



  • Export



  • Engineering
  • R&D


People and Environment

  • Diverse thought richness
  • Teamwork and success
  • Awareness in Occupational Safety and Environmental Management